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About the Farm

Della Terra is nestled in the Tug Hill Plateau, west of Adirondack Park, in the North Country, NY. The farm specializes in sustainable and organic farming practices and produces a variety of crops including vegetables, herbs,  and cut flowers.


The farm has also started a food scrap collection and composting operation, modeling a circular economic model for small-scale farming

About The Farmer

 In 2015, I Googled "what can you do with 5 acres of land?", I quickly was introduced to Jean-Martin Fortier, and the book, "The Market Gardener". I became instantly intrigued about the prospects of engaging small-scale agriculture as a means of building independence. I started to visit as many small farms as I could, as well as take courses that would help me move forward. I had the fortune of doing a Small Farm: Planning and Design Course, through Farm School NYC. I also engaged in the FARMroots' Beginning Farmer Program, provided by GroNYC. I had never grown food on a large scale, so with all the classes I was taking, everything seemed conceptual/theoretical, and not practical. I began to get the itch, desiring to pull all of the knowledge I had obtained and get my hands dirty.

I stepped away from a high paying job, in the largest city in the USA, to fulfill my innermost dream. I left with the vision of cultivating nutrient dense, chemical free produce, assisting in the movement to re-localize food production/consumption, and reconnecting individuals to nature. The spring of 2017 was when we broke ground and began production! The name of our farm is Della Terra, which means ‘Of the earth’ in Italian.

After 6 years of growing, I have been able to to connect with wonderful efforts, organizations, and people! Food is what keeps us going, and it is a privilege to be a part of the push to build a more resilient, sustainable, and localized food system! 

Julian Mangano

Owner, Della Terra



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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